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Remembering K P Brahmanandan on his 9th Death Anniversary

K P Brahmanandan was born on 22 of February in 1946 as the fourth member of a Vishwa Brahmin couple in a village called as Nilakkamukku at Kadakkavoor, which is located north of Trivandrum district in Kerala. His father was a pioneer in boat architecture and his name has taken him far beyond boundaries.

brahmanandannnHe was undisputedly famous among south Indians and to a very large extent in Ceylon (Sri Lanka), where he spent most of his years for work. Kuzhiyil Pachan and Bhavani Ammal were blessed with seven children of whom 4 were boys and 3 were girls. This family has a cherishing legacy of artistically talented and reputed ancestors, who were very close to great personalities like Narayana guru and many more.God hasn’t stopped blessing them. Every child was gifted with artistic versatility. Pachan’s elder son K.P.Devadas has acted in a good number of Malayalam movies, who was basically a drama artist cum director and a reputed story teller (Kaadhikan) apart from his basic profession, who was an amazing sculptor .This Almighty’s gift flows through Brahmanandan and ends up with Pradeep, who was younger in that generation with painting brushes and photography.

This Vishwa Brahmin village was adorned by Mother Nature for the exceptional pool of natural gifts. Folks were born with astonishing creative finesse and proved to be so immaculate on their work they get involved, say may it be Vasthu shastra, Temple sculpturing, Shelter sculpturing, ornamental sculpturing and even in performing arts too. The festivals, marriages, family functions and even a small gathering in the evenings, happening in that village are exceptionally delightful moments with music and dance performed by the village folks themselves, which attracted many neighboring village folks too.
Once, while Devadas- the elder brother of Brahmanandan, on his way to their family temple situated in a dense forest for his evening prayers, happened to hear a mellifluous voice reverberating from the bushes, the song was so extraordinary that he couldn’t resist himself from locating the origin. To his astonishment, it was his brother who had an amazing voice and extra-ordinary talent in singing. His brother Brahmanandan used to sing very loudly to overcome the fear of being in the middle of dense forest during dark hours, while performing rituals in the temple. At once, Devadas informed his mother that, his brother Brahmanandan was blessed divinely with music and voice.

The next day, Bhavani ammal took her son to a famous Bhagavathar (Karnatic maestro) Kadakkavoor Sundaram Bhagavathar of that village. Bhagavathar was a brother in relation to Bhavani ammal. Ammal couldn’t manage a “one rupee” as Dakshina (Offering) for her son’s musical class from her savings or family, which she has to borrow from a neighbor. The One rupee” did not go in vain, in return that started multiplying and changed the family’s fortune through her son’s music.

Performing in school competitions, local gatherings and petite amateur clubs gave Brahmanandan a greater outlook. He was noticed well by professional drama organizations and music troupes, which gave an instant take off to Brahmanandan’s music career. He started singing for professional drama troupes like Attingal Deshabhimani and Opera houses owned by Theater personalities like Chandrashekharan Nair. Brahmanandan got busy days singing for many music troupes in Kerala and singing along with Professional Story tellers during the narration and in intervals (In Kerala during interval, the singer accompany the story teller use to sing a couple of either drama or film songs as gap fillers ) too. Once in such an event, after the kadhaprasangam (story teller’s show) the crowd was gathering at the back stage uncontrollably. The troupe had a guess that it would be to meet the person who narrated the story. To their surprise they were demanding the singer who sang along with the story teller. Later, the little boy was taken on shoulders by the crowd, adorned and were gifted by them as much they could do it.

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