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Pt Tarun Bhattacharya, a pioneering and revolutionary Indian musician

t3Santoor Maestro Pt Tarun Bhattacharya is a pioneering and revolutionary musician who has changed the face of Indian classical music, he is an unparalleled music ambassador of India. He has received talim from his father Pandit Rabi Bhattacharya, Pandit Dulal Roy and finally from sitar maestro Bharat Ratna Pandit Ravi Shankar. One of the most celebrated torch bearers of Indian classical music he has virtually traversed the globeperforming in some of most awe inspiring venues as Royal Albert Hall, Palace-de-Beaux (Brussels), Theater- De-La-Viile (France), Apollo Theatre (Spain), Jubilee Auditorium (Canada), Kremlin (Russia). The mesmerized list of admirers include Prince Charles, George Harrison, Paolo Solaris and many more respected figures across the Globe.

In 1980 he displayed for the first time ever that one could `meend` or glide notes at the lower octave in a hammered instrument like Santoor.He is also the inventor of “mankas” or fine tuners that help in the tuning of this 100 stringed instrument fast, with a long lasting effect and a very high degree of accuracy. His innovative techniques of playing the Santoor also facilitates in the playing of Krintans, Ekharatans, Boltans broadening the utility of theSantoor in various traditional form of art.



1. Best Critic Award – Germany

2. Pre Grammy Nomination-1997

3. ‘Excellence in World Music’ from Music of the World – USA

4. Mahakal Samman – Madhya Pradesh., India

5. Surrender Paul Award – Kolkata, India

6. Bhakti Kala Khetra Award – Iskcon, India

7. Jadu Bhatt Award – Kolkata, India

8. Pt. Monmohan Bhatt Special Achievement Award – New Delhi, India

9. Vishnu Pad Alankaran Samman – Gaya, India

10. 39th Bhaskar Rao Music Festival Felicitation- Chandigarh, India

11. Felicitation at Schweinfurt Rotary Club- Germany

12. Vocational Excellence Award -Rotary International District 3291, India

13. Sutanati Parishad Felicitation- Calcutta, India

14. Rotary Peace & Goodwill Ambassador- Rotary Club of Calcutta Metro City

15. Felicitation at National University, USA

16. Felicitation at University of North Texas, USA

17. Felicitation at Harvard University

18. Felicitation at MIT, Boston, USA

19. Felicitation at Browning University, Boston, USA

20. Felicitation at Duke University, USA

21. Felicitation at North CarolinaUniversity, USA

22. Felicitation at University of Virginia, USA

23. Felicitation at Illinois University, USA

24. Felicitation at Yale University, USA

25. Felicitation at University of Champagne, USA



t9In addition to working with Shankar on albums such as InsideThe Kremlin and Chants of India

Maestro Tarun Bhattacharya has released over 100 CDs and Cassettes. He has been the recipient of numerous felicitations like pre Grammy nomination in 97, excellence in world music USA, and his CD “Kirwani” has been acclaimed as the top 10 in the world.

Song of Nature, Flame of the Forest (1992)with Vishwa Mohan Bhatt & Ronu Majumder

Essence of Jugalbandi (1993) with Ronu Majumdar

Sargam (1995)

Kirvani (1996),

Mental Bliss (1998) , Bickram Ghosh tabla

Nomad Christmas various artist

Santoor (2000)

Hypnotic Santoor (2001)

Transcendence (2005)

Aahir Bhairav & Gurjari Todi (2009) –

The Exotic Santoor (Reissued 2010)- ​

to name a few

Pandit Tarun Bhattacharya´s album “Nomad Christmas” was nominated for the Grammy.

Aptly Put: Pandit Tarun Bhattacharya is one of the best Santoor players of the world. On his dulcimer-like instrument he plays classical Indian melodies. – tzMunich, April 19th, 2004

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