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Prof. Sandeep Dev – the great Tabla Maestro

Sandeep DevProf. Sandeep Dev, the great tabla maestro, was born in Kolkata into a renowned family where music was a part of household chores. By the grace of birth, he had the blue blood of a royal family. His parental grandfather was the great grandson of Late Ramdulal Deb Sirakar, one of the renowned business tycoons and pioneers in India Trade and Commerce. His parental grandmother was the youngest sister of famous Bengalee patriot Jatin Das.

As a starter Prof. Sandeep Dev had his training in the field of Music from his elder sister. Then he comes in contact with Sri Subodh Nandy to learn tabla from him. After that to uplift his quality in the field, he went to Pt. Nanku Mharaj, the legendary tabla maestro of Varanasi Gharana. Taking him as his real guru and one stop solution for all his requirements, he started practice tabla under his aegis over the years. In the course of time he comes in contact with well-respected Pandit Kanthe Maharaj and Pandit Anokhelal. Many high-esteemed vocalist, musician, tabla, sarod, Sarod, Sitar, Violin, and Flute player used to come to his residence from almost all parts of India.

Prof. Sandeep Dev attended All India Music Conference held in Sree Cinema Hall as a great artist. Later he took active part in All India Music conferences like Sadarang Sangit Sammelan, Tansen sangit Sammelan, North Calcutta Sangit Sammelan, Banga Sanaskriti sangit Sammelan. He joined toAall India Sangit Samaj etc. He showed his excellence in Solo Tabla performances as well as an accompanist to many high-profile singers, lyricists and music players. His proficiency and profundity in his specialized field has been praised warmly by many renowned Kothak Dancers, Drupad /Dhammers , Vocalists. His divine power to produce sublime quality bol and bani as well as distinctive styles and technique have been praised with full throated ease by renowned artists and celebrities like Ustad Vliayet Khan, Imrat Khan, Bhadur Khan, Pandit V.G. Jog, Gengubai Hangle, Pandit Binayak Rao Pattabardhan, Girija Debi, Hariprasad Churasia, Parvin Sultana Etc.

Prof. Sandeep Dev has been working as a full time artist at All India Radio since 1975. He has received invitation in National Programmee of music at Delhi Television. He is now an establish artist of Varanasi Gharana. His artistry and mastery lies in his tabla playing with open fingers with superb loy and tal. He has achieved Journalism award as a Best Tabla player in 1968 and 1969 consecutively. In 1987, for his unparalleled quality, magnificent style and distinctive technique, this legendary tabla maestro has achieved INDRA GANDHI award in 1987.

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