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Haimanti Basu, an exponent of Odissi in USA

0003Haimanti Basu, who was born into a cultured Bengali family where music and dance was an integral part of the family. She received her initial training from her sister Baishali Mitra, an exponent in BharatNatyam. She did her training in different dance form for several years from CLT at Kolkata. She also took dance training for few years from Smt Chaya Halder. She performed in various group stage shows at Kolkata from her childhood. Later she started her specialized training in Bharat Natyam under the guidance of Guru Smt. Monica Cooley of Nashville USA after she moved to USA.

Later she started her training in another classical dance form ‘Odissi’ under the internationally acclaimed Odissi dancer Guru Sanchita Bhattacharya who has brought tremendous revolution in the field of classical dance. Under her able guidance, exhaustive and rigorous training over the years both from USA and India has transformed her to perform at highest level.

Haimanti is currently the recipient of World Wide Odissi dance (Ancient Indian Temple Dance) classes through Skype. She learned intricately demonstrating feet movement, hand, body, torso movement and the expressions and in-depth explanations of the yogic and the deeper layers of spirituality and philosophy depicted in dance..Her strength of verbiage and expression and her deep spiritual knowledge helps to build a heart to heart relation with the audience.

She performed widely in USA for various festivals, cultural events for different charitable and non-profitable organizations and choreographed for different dance dramas and concerts. Won trophies and performance awards from different festivals. Currently she is conducting workshop and giving lessons for students of different ages in Odissi.
Training in Dance

• Trained in CLT (Children’s little theatre), Kolkata. In the early years of training at the junior-stage learned rhythmic steps and rhythm sense and at the senior level, training in dance becomes more varied and specialization in specific forms of Rabindrik dance and folk based dances.

• Trained in Indian Classical Form of Dance “Bharat Natyam” from Monica Cooley of Kala Nivedanam at Nashville.
• Trained in Indian Classical Form of Dance “Odissi” from Guru Sanchita Bhattacharya (Awardee of “The Cultural Ambassador of India” by Senator John G Pappageorge).
• One of the recipients of Skype online dance training classes from Guru Sanchita Bhattacharya.

Notable Dance Programs or Concerts or choreographed:

0001• Performed in Global Village at Parthenon Centennial Park ( landmark venue) for Celebrate Nashville-Cultural Festival for International Cultures
• Performed in Wood Mont Bible Church at Nashville with Guru Sanchita Bhattacharya (both solo and with guru)
• Performed in Gujarat Cultural Association auditorium at Hermitage , Nashville attended by over 1000 people
• Performed in Nashville Ganesha temple on numerous occasions for different cultural events for various associations and festivals in the last 7 years.
• Performed in Martha Ingram Hall (Blair School of Music), Vanderbilt Langford Auditorium.
• Performed in Nashville Unitarian Church
• Performed at ICCT Sarovar, Memphis on the occasion of Ganesh Nimajjan
• Performed at Embassy Suites, Franklin for the opening ceremony of Regional Bengali Conference (A mega event for 3 days performed by immenent celebrities from India and abroad) – An article published in the local English newspaper.
• Choreographed dance for India day event at the Ganesh Temple.
• Greater at Nashville Unitarian Universalist Congregation.
• Choreographed dance for Durga Puja Festival and with 28 kids and teens from different age group on the concept of dance drama ( Seasonal dances theme based on Tagore’s popular Rituranga )
• Choreographed for dance drama again based on a contemporary theme performed by kids at Ganesh Temple.
• Choreographed for ladies on several folk songs, Bollywood songs performed at different levels by various age groups.
• Upcoming performances in Celebrate Nashville for 40 minutes solo performance and unique fusion concept of Indian classical with ballet in an upcoming event choreographed by me.
• Upcoming concerts in India under the banner of Sanchita Dance foundation.


• Stood 2nd Runners Up and was awarded with a Golden crown “Probasi Poroma Contest ” in Atlanta 2012 “Regional Bengali Conference” (Musical event by imminent celebrities of India ) which was judged by a panel of celebrities that included 3 separate questions from the judges in the contest on stage among the finalists. The panel of judges included Sandip Ray, director (son of the legend Satyajit Ray), the poet Ranjan Bandopadhaya and actress.
• Awarded by plaques and trophies for dance performances and choreographies.
• Elected as the Cultural Chairperson for 3 consecutive before promotion directly to General Secretary for the Indian Association of Nashville.
• Write ups with photo graphs appeared in Kolkata newspaper.
• Several recognitions in various forms of appreciations by virtue of performances and choreographies.

Volunteer Positions Held :

a) Cultural Chairperson from April 2009 to May 2012 for IAN (India Association of Greater Nashville).TN
b) General Secretary from June 2012 to November 2012 for IAN (India Association of Greater Nashville),TN
c) Cultural Secretary from April 2011 to March 2012 for BAGN (Bengali Association of Greater Nashville),TN
d) Sub Committee Member for Youth & Workshop for Regional Bengali Conference 2012.
e) Executive and Cultural Committee for Shri Saibaba Temple (The temple for Universal Oneness), Nashville, TN from 2012.


Extra Curricular Activities

0002• Intercollegiate Dance Competitions during college.
• Computer Science Club
• Participated in various stage dance performances both in India and USA which was published in Tennessean and some local dailies in India and magazines in USA.
• Held volunteer positions in the editorial board, cultural and registration committee for various events
• Associated and handled independently with volunteering for different cultural events for different events held in Vanderbilt Langford Auditorium, Nashville Ganesha Temple, Martha Ingram Hall, Unitarian Church, Greater Nashville Unitarian Universalist Congregation, Embassy Suites, and Celebrate Nashville at Parthenon etc.
• Newspaper and magazine coverage on for conducting cultural events since 2008 both in India and USA
• Associated with volunteer work for choir singers.
• Participated in the fund raising program for FEMA during Nashville flood of 2010
• Choreographed several dances for different festivals and events for kids to teenagers and adults
• Choreographed dances for the school talent show with kids at different schools in Nashville.
• Conductued variety of fund raising activities for different events.

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