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Emelee Ghosh – one of India’s foremost Kathak Dancer

531457_2942973505400_672063641_nEmelee Ghosh – one of  India’s foremost Kathak Dancer

Kathak is the major classical dance form of northern India. The word kathak means “to tell a story”. These bards, performing in village squares and temple courtyards, mostly specialized in recounting mythological and moral tales from the scriptures, and embellished their recitals with hand gestures and facial expressions. It is derived from the dance dramas of ancient India. When the patronage shifted from the temples to the royal court, there was a change in the overall emphasis. The emphasis shifted from the telling of religious stories to one of entertainment. Today, the story-telling aspect has been downgraded and the dance is primarily an abstract exploration of rhythm and movement.

There are three main gharanas, of kathak. These gharanas are named according to the geographical area in which they developed. These are the Jaipur, Lucknow, and the Benares gharanas. Each has a slight difference in interpretation and repertoire.

A Kathak dancer is not required strictly to stick to fixed steps and stages in. He or she can change the sequence of steps to suit his or her skill and style of dancing.

Emelee, A prominent name in the field of Kathak dance form. From the tender of 4 years dance has become a part of her life. She works with two impotant Gharans of Kathak dance form- Lucknow and Jaipur. Lucknow Gharana where Nazakat (delicacy), khubsurti (beauty) and abhinaya (acting) works and Jaipur Gharana where Strong rhythmic elements and different talas,
Her basic training was started under Srimati Shilalipi Mukhopadhyay and gradually she was moved towards Professor Brajen Mukherjee of the same style.

Later for the advanced training she was under the able guidance of Dr.Malabika Mitra for twelve years. She received the name “YAMINI” from the great Tabla Maestro Late Pt. Padmabhibhushan Kishan Maharaj. She acquired the title Sangeet Ratna, Sangeet Pravakar, Sangeet Visharad and Singarmani. She is chosen as an A-Grade artist of Prasar Bharati. She has received Senior Scholarship from Ministry of Tourism and Culture of Govt. Of India.She ia an empanelled artist of ICCR (Indian Council For Cultural Relations) and EZCC (Eastern Zonal Cultural Centre)

West Bengal

Serampore Sangeet Samaj, ,All India Music Festival, Bahadur Khan Music Conference, Stars of Tomorrow(organised by WBDGF), Uday Shankar Dance Festival(2002 and 2006), Young Talent Music Conference, Uttarapara Sangeet Chakra, Shantipur Music Conference(2003 and 2005), N.S.C.2003 organised by Kharagpur I.I.T., Farakka, Talent Search by EZCC in Kolkata and NCZCC in Allahabad, Nrityangan Kathak Kendra in Behrampore, Silver Jubilee of Dakshini Music Festival, Sangeet Piyasi Income Tax Recreation Music Festival and Antara Music Festival in Kolkata.

In India

Maha Mrityunjay Mahotsav, Shivratri Mahotsav and Sankat Mochan in Varamnasi, Vindhyavasini Sangeet Samaraho in Vihdhyachal, Guru purnima Mahotsav in Patna, Pallovatsava 2003 and 50th anniversary of Nadabrahma Sangeet Sabha on 2006 in Mysore, Prayag Sangeet Samiti in Allahabad,

Kathak Utsav organized by Kathak Kendra, New Delhi, Mamallapuram Dance Festival by Govt. of Tamil Nadu, Harihar Sangeet Samaraho in Sonpur, Kal-ka-Kalakar on 2004 and Hari das Sammelan on 2006 in Mumbai, Rajya Utsav in Chhattisgarh, Kathak Sandhya in Lucknow and Kanpur By Rashtriya Kathak Sansthan(Lucknow), Nishagandhi Festival by Govt of Kerela, etc.

In Abroad

She has given her performance in SIFAS (Singapore Indian Fine Arts Society) in Singapore, in Royal Golf Club and World Women’s Day’s Celebration organized by Thailand Government in Bangkok. She worked as a Faculty under Indian women’s Club in Bangkok, Thailand.

Her works:

She has worked with many of her choreographies as rishta, Milan, tandav, journey, durga stuti, rhythm etc. She is working with a project named as SUTRA where three various Classical Dance forms play at a stress on the stage.

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