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Dr Radhika Umdekar Budhkar – the first woman Vichitra Veena player

p3Dr. Radhika is the first woman artist in the world who mastered playing the Vichitra Veena. Grand Daughter of the renowned vocalist late Pandit Balabhau Umdekar from the court of Gwalior Gharana, she was raised in a family rejoicing in an ambience filled with music. Along with the Vichitra Veena, she is also an excellent player of Sitar. Also, she has been learning classical singing, Sitar and Vichitra Veena under the guidance of her father Pt. Shriram Umdekar who himself is an excellent Sitar and Rudra Veena player. Simultaneously, Dr. Radhika is learning Vichitra Veena under the proficient guidance of eminent Mohan Veena maestro Pt. Vishwamohan Bhatt.

The tunes enfold over her Veena making us sense the vibrant force of waves of the immeasurable oceans. Dr. Radhika Umdekar Budhkar – The befitting inheritor to the bequest of the musical treasure of Umdekar Gharana, she had an innate urge from childhood to perform in her own distinctive approach in the field of music. This intense desire of hers created an artist devoted to the art of playing Vichitra Veena.

While offering wholesomeness to the style of playing Vichitra Veena, Dr. Radhika has made many significant changes to Vichitra Veena that were never been attempted by any other artist till date. Dr. Radhika has crafted some mesmerizing Ragas like the Navalvihangi, Chaitrvani and Madhumanjiri in the small life span of hers so far and has mesmerized the listeners with her Vichitra Veena performance in many seminars all over the world. She has performed in many concerts in India and abroad and successfully conducted workshops and lectures on Indian Classical music and Fusion music in the countries far and wide. Dr. Radhika has several Indian and foreign students who are learning the Vichitra Veena along with many other Indian instruments.

p1Dr. Radhika Umdekar Budhkar is also running her own music establishment with the name of the Veenapani Institute of Indian Classical music. Through this institute she is successfully spreading her knowledge of Indian Classical Music.

As an acclamation of the work done by Dr. Radhika, various international publications, news channels, reality shows as well as Radio and print media have featured news & articles on her. Informative documentaries are made on her performances of Vichitra Veena by electronic media. Countless music lovers in the country and abroad are ardent aficionado of the Vichitra Veena recited by Dr. Radhika.

Dr. Radhika has played the Vichitra Veena for a number of records with various artists and has also ornamented several such records with the musical apparatus, further she has offered an inimitable contribution to Indian Classical music with her magnificent recitals on various television channels. Music Labels have also produced CDs of her unique performances on Vichitra Veena.

Several articles, poems and stories written by this famous writer Dr. Radhika Umdekar Budhkar on the topics such as classical music, Indian music and various social issues are being published in different news publications and magazines also such publication being a continual process in future.
A blog by Dr. Radhika – Veenapani, has proved to be a blessing to numerous music students and artists in the country and overseas as well. Aarohi, another blog by her based on contemporary themes is serving like an inspiration and a guiding light to wilful souls.
Through Aarohi Promotions Dr. Radhika is conveying her love and commitment towards music.

Dr. Radhika is the recipient of various acclaims, awards, scholarships, fellowships from all over the world.

p4The Instrument and the music style:

A rare and difficult instrument to play Vichitraveena does not have frets, hence notes have to be produced by sheer dint of practice in tandem with a pair of well tuned ears. Notes in the instrument are produced in a unique way by pressing the open strings with a “Shaligrama”. Radhika has made a few changes in the instrument which allows her to produce sound effects of contemporary stringed instrument which is not attempted by any other player of Vichitraveena. Radhika plays both “Gatkari” as well as “Dhrupad” anga on Vichitra veena.She had recently made some changes in vichitraveena again And made a smallest vichitraveena ever …

RecentalyHonoured by The PERSON OF THE YEAR 2013 INTERNATIONAL AWARD,by the gates and coustion foundation of U.K
1 Honoured by the title of “TOYI” (Ten Outstanding Young Indian) by Indian Jaycees.
2 Honoured by the title of “Surmani” by Sursingarsansad Mumbai 2002.
3 Honoured by the title of “Gwalior Ratna” by Gwalior Jaycees.
4 Honoured by the title of “Sangeet Kala Ratna” by MatruUdbodhan Ashram, Patna.
5 Honoured by the title of “Nadsadhak” by NadSadhnaSamiti, Agra.
6 Awarded National Talent search Scholarship by centre for cultural resources and training, New Delhi.
7 Awarded Durlabhsangeetshaily scholarship by UstadAlauddin khan sangeet Academy Bhopal.
8 Awarded Scholarship by Ministry of tourism & culture, Govt. of India for Vichitraveena.
9 Gold Medal at 13thYuvaSangeetNrityaMahotsav organized by south central zone cultural in 2000.
10 She participated at the All India Radio music competition held by Akashvani was given special award and Gold medal and recognition as approved artist of all India Radio.
11 Bronze Medal at National Youth Festival Calcutta in 1997.

12. Sa re ga ma pa Zee TV Has shown Afeture On her and many other news channels
13.Many International and National Newspaper magazine cover her Story and Interviews.

Radhika has performed in various prestigious music conferences successfully which includes TansensangeetSamaroh, Gwalior, Uttaradhikar at Bharat Bhavan Bhopal, SwarnaSangeetPratibhaUtsav (oraganised by SangeetNatak Academy) , Jaipur, Kirti Kala MandirNashik, Deshpande Auditorium Nagpur , ShaniMandir, Indore, KalKeKalakarSangeetSammelen, HaridasSangeetSammelan Mumbai, DurlabhVadhyaVinod in Bharat Bhavan, Bhopal, Chandigarh SangeetSammelan, Dhrupad Mela, Banaras Dhrupad Samaroh Jaipur, Dhrupad VirasatSamaroh Jaipur ,swayam siddha ,prathma Kumar Gandharwa Sangeetsamarohdevas, Chakrdhar Sangeetsamaroh Raipur ,Malwautsav ,Suburban Music circle etc And many prestigious performances in abroad also .She has taken many workshops in Europe for Inadian classical And fusion music …Cd released By Musician guild And Asa Production ..She regularly performs Vichitra Veena as a high grade artist for AIR and T.V.
















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