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Bitter Seeds being screened in Vidarbha.

“Every 30 minutes, a farmer in India kills himself. Vidarbha, a cotton growing region in Maharashtra is the epicenter of this crisis” says an activist in documentary film 'Bitter Seeds'. A film by Micha X Peled, it is being shown in the villages in Yavatmal district where many farmers have killed themselves. Capturing the helplessness of cotton farmers in the region, the film tells the story of a cotton gro ...

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Hollywood influence undesirable, says film-maker

The influence of Hollywood on many young film-makers in Vietnam is creating styles that revolved around commercial aspects, Vietnamese film-maker Dang Minh Nhat has said. Speaking at Monday’s ‘In-conversation’ segment with journalist Aruna Vasudev, he valiantly attempted to carry forward the discussion in English but was far more comfortable in French, which, he said, was the one the older generation of his ...

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