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Arunima Datta – A versatile singer and exponent of Banaras Gharana

Arunima DattaArunima Datta, Born on May 23, 1981 at a historical town named Bishnupur in Bankura District, West Bengal, Arunima Datta has re-written the music history as the great vocalist and versatile singer. In her we have a rare combination of excellent academic proficiency, superlative musical excellence and outstanding painting and crafting quality. After her introduction to Indian vocal music, we have released a deep sigh of relief, considering her Mrs. Dependable for assuring Indian vocal music a bright future. In her joint venture with Sangeet Ratna Arabinda Roy to give Indian classical music a prestigious face, she is trying her best to revive the soul of this lost art.

In this era of materialistic pursuit for earning more and more by composing, attuning and singing more cheap commercial music and songs, she has taken the offbeat track to rejuvenate this heritage art. Her mesmerizing voice with the touch of enchanting music and lyrics of Arabinda Roy creates such a sweeter and soothing sound effect that listeners get spellbound thinking the whole the matter pristine and divine. Her fine-tuned and divine classical song not only creates silent stasis on listeners’ mind but also arrest their psyche to bear it for the future. Her unpremeditated art help listeners feel an un-bodied joy to evoke a desire for listening more. Her profuse strains of sweetest music, magnificence of tone has conquered the heart of audiences over the years. Her joyous, spontaneous and fresh song can surpass anything beautiful to us. If we can scan and analyze her song in audio-temporal dimension, we shall get nothing but pure aesthetic beauty.

She was born in such a family where music was a part of household chores. Naturally music was in her blood. Consequently, a knack for music was found in her from the very tender age. She continued her musical practice parallelly with her top-to-bottom class one academic career. Her exposure to vocal and classical music was started with “Bishnupur Gharana” under the tutelage of Jagannath Dasgupta. Then for further study, she went to Pt. Sujit Gangully, disciple of Amiya Ranjan Bandhapadhyay. He inspired her to keep continuing her music until she can grasp her finality.

Her music career got momentum when she comes in contact with her great guru Arabinda Roy. After her constant endeavor to persuade him for taking her as his disciple, Aruinma became successful after two years on February 7, 2011, on the day of Ganesh Chaturthi before Saraswati Puja. Then a conversion came into her music career, she got a metamorphosis from her Bishnupur Gharana to Benaras Gharna in the hand of Arabinda Roy. Arunima Datta has learned a diverse dimension of music ranging from bhajan, khayal and folk-songs to some distinctive style of classical music.

She is still under his aegis to gain more profundity in vocal music. Her inclination and loyalty to classical music already helped her attain significant place, but to get an edge over the other professionals in the field, she is in profound contemplation and invocation to the Goddess of classical music.

With superlative command on music, she has taken part in single and duet performances. Most of them are the hallmarks of her performances. The specialty of her domain includes a proper unification of tabla Kayda and pakhaji bol and bani with classical Bhajan and Drpdadi Gann. Now her area of interest tries an appropriate fusion of rag and ragini of classical Dhrupadi Style with bol and bani of Tabla and Pukhwaji invented by Nanku Maharaj.

She has performed in duet performance with Arabinda Roy in 7th Belghoria Utsav, on January 1, 2012. Besides, she has performed in the inauguration ceremony of the opening of Pt. Nanku Maharaj Forum on October 14, 2012. She has gained tons of acclamation from the listeners, performing in the festivals of Ramkishna, Thakur Anukul, Anandamayee Maa, Swami Nigamananda Sarsawti, Sirgur (Durga Prasanna Brahmachary), etc. To captivate the audience with the magic of her song, she has performed at Balley, Dum Dum Cantonment, Howrah and Liluah. Arunima is a great master of painting and crafting as well.

The greatness of her painting and crafting lies in their richness, liveliness, quality, simplicity, and purity. Her quality and talent has been appreciated by many renowned musicians. We would pray to the God for her long life to sing her harmonious madness, her lips would flow and the world would listen.

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