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Arabinda Roy (Anup) an accompilshed Vocalist and a diverse instrumentalist

Arabinda RoyArabinda Roy, popularly known with his nickname Anup, is a man of versatile genius: a renowned tabla maestro, an accomplished vocalist, a singular harmonium player, and a distinguished chemistry teacher. This great vocalist is acclaimed all around India for his superlative command on two diverse musical instruments the Tabla and the Harmonium. His artistic brilliance, mastery on musical instruments and magnificence of tone with unusual dimension of supreme quality music in a diverse field of crossover have helped him gain dominant position in the history of Indian Classical music.

Born on 1st March in 1954 at Howrah (West Bengal), this superlative performer and distinguished composer started taking tabla training under the guidance of his father Salil Roy, the disciple of great Sarod Mastro, Ustad Ayet Ali Khan. Then with an aspiration to boost his quality of music and grasp the excellence in the field, Arabinda Roy went to Fatik Halder, disciple of Pt. Nanatu Ganguli, Bearas Gharana. After that, he went to Kusheswar Maharaj for advance learning. Finally, he move to legendary tabla maestro Pt. Nanku Maharaj on July 29, 1977 and practised under him until his (Pt. Nanku Maharaj) death.

After achieving his self-actualization in field of tabla, he shifted to vocal (another field of music) and got in touch with it until he achieved the finality. To brush up his skill and sanctify his quality to supremacy, he started practising under Pandit Sohanlal Sharma (Harmonium wizard) since 1978. Very soon, he became a vocal-pioneer. As a vocalist after touching the bar of excellence in this field, he cast his look at another field of music. He entreated into field of harmonium (a musical instrument) to explore the top-notch quality tone and soothing musical effects through it. To arrest the attention of the listeners and more to captivate them with the magic of his music, he attuned this single instrument (harmonium) in such a superb and aesthetic way that people can get the test of various musical
instruments like Sarod, Sitar, Violin, and Flute through his harmonium playing. For his all in one capability and God-gifted quality to produce symphony form cacophony, listeners keep listening and stay tuned in his music until he finishes. His artistry and aesthetic quality to bring various sounds into one organic whole to bring forth soothing and sensual music with keen concentration and proper unification of wholeness, harmony, and radiance, give him a significant place among the frontrunners in classical music.

His paramount interest in this field is to blend his two explored fields of the bol and bani of Pt. Nanku Maharaj with the sargam and sarana of Sohanlal Sharma. His artistry and quality to invent variations and distinctive styles of music without diluting the sanctity of tradition helped him stand out of the crowd. Now he is in the endeavour of merging the musical effects of tabla and harmonium with vocal. As the sharpest weapon of his experiment, he has discovered Mrs. Arunima Datta as vocalist. The man of music Arabinda Roy is hopeful to go a long way with Arunima Datta.

For his unique creation, music composition and artistry on music, this musical master-bluster has achieved many precious and prestigious awards such as Sangeet Bisarad (Vocal), Sangeet Bivakar (Vocal), Sangeet Bivakar (Nazrul Geeti), Sangeet Ratna (Vocal), Tabla Pravakar, Tabla Bivakar (Gold Medal) from Rabindra Bharati University. In 1972, he got an opportunity from Askash Bani, but this man of music instead of accepting it concentrated in experimenting with music.

Along with playing the role of a dignified chemistry-teacher in Bhairab Ganguly College, he has worked as a prolific teacher of Tabla and Vocal at many reputed and respected organizations like Vivekanda Sangeet Vidyalaya, Sour o Bani Sangeet Vaidyalaya, Niccon (Dance Academy, affiliated to Chandigarh), Asabari (Dance Academy, affiliated to Chandigarh), and North Calcutta Music College (Teacher of vocal song). He has played the role of examiner at North Calcutta Music College and Niccon. Apart from his profession, devotion, and contribution, he tries to get in touch with various social activities. Being pious and pure in heart, he likes his best to be involved with various religious activities. Therefore, he always gets warm invitation on behalf of various missions, maths, and religious organizations to deliver his valuable lecture, play the magic of his music, and sing for the God with his full-throated ease. He has gotten over 400 disciples around India from almost all religions, classes, and clusters.

This great lyricist and music composer has composed many lyrics and words for Bhajan and other aspects of music. Most of them are precious gems in Indian classical music. To give listeners more aesthetic and appealing touch, he has fine-tuned a great deal of lyrics and music. He has composed and published many award-winning books. Apart from his own publications, he has written many issues in various music journals and magazines like Roy Arabinda (Anup) (1977), Raga Chandrakosh, Purba Kalyan: Tan Alap (Vols), Hathras: Sangeet Karyalaya, pp 170-171, Roy Arabinda (Anup) (1978) Music composed in Classical Raga, Three Bhajans of Meera Bai, Meera Sangget Ank, Hathras: Sangeet Kalyan three times, Article published in Spl publication (Tabla), 38th Annual conference Uttarpara sangget chakra, Article published in journal of Srima Sarada (Jakerswari Ramkrishna Math, Bhattanagar, Lilluah).

As a great performer, he has performed in solo Harmonium at 24th Bishnupur Mela, December 24, 2011, 7th Belgharia Utasab, January 2012, at the inauguration of Pt. Nakumaharaj Forum, October 14, 2012. We pray for his long life to enrich Indian classical music with unique, un-equal, and un-parallel creation and composition.

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